Sweet and Sour

1. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy,
No more greasy, take it easy.
Mama mia! I could eat a
another piece of greasy pizza.

2. I like chilled chocolate, not gooey as sludge-
caramel, mint or plain chocolate fudge.
I’m craving some badly, let’s go in the car.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ah!

Dear Miss Spaghetti, can I hang out with you?
No need for a knife, just a plain fork will do.
I’ll twirl and I’ll whirl your soggy lasso.
Oh no! Miss Spaghetti, you fell on my shoe.

“Would you like an ice-cream sundae,”
asked the crested cockatoo.
“Thanks for thinking of me, hey,
but cold ice-cream gives me the flu.”

Mouldy, mouldy, mouldy mouldy,
thirty day stew, thirty day stew,
old shoe, slug glue, dead fly, say bye bye…
Is this recipe for you?

Slurpee, slurpee, slurpee, slurp!
My tongue is green as an alien.
Burp, burp, burp, burp.
Go 7-Eleven and fly to Heaven.

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