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Seven Ways to Overcome Writers Block Book Cocer

7 Ways to Overcome
Writer's Block

Story making goes back to prehistoric times. People gathered around the campfire to tell tales of the hunt and mythic folklore. Some things don’t change: everyone has a story to tell. So here are some tried and tested ways to stop writer procrastination and write your first short story.

9 Easy Steps to Edit a Poem Book Cover

9 Easy Steps to
Edit a Poem

Writing a poem combines inspiration and craft. This short book outlines all the necessary elements such as line, form and content in poetry editing in 9 steps to will help will take you from the writing process to the final edit before publication.

10 Tips for Writing a 10-minute Play Book Cover

Ten Tips for Writing
a Ten-Minute Play

Writing a 10-minute play is like writing a short story compared to a novel.  Roughly 10-15 pages long, a tiny play doesn’t stint on quality. There is a setting, a limited cast of characters and a problem to solve. Here are ten easy tips to help you draft your first short play.