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LEAD: Love Knot Tantra

Love Knot Tantra

A 155-page, richly-illustrated eBook of poems, prose articles, audio recordings & videos with insider perspectives on rural India.


The title poem and its music video (from an album recorded in New Delhi) depicts a rare fertility rite where husbands & wives are randomly paired with other spouses by a temple priest. An accompanying prose article explains polygamous partnering among the Brokpa tribes of Ladakh & the Gond people of Madya Pradesh, in particular its rural dormitories where the unsegregated young learn life skills, arts & crafts as well as explore open sex before marriage.
‘Love God Day’ is inspired by Holi, the spring festival of colours, an annual Indian subcontinent event that has spread around the globe through world music festivals & ‘colour runs’. Other works like ‘Dust Season’ & ‘The Village That Women Built’ portray rural life while To the Banyan’, ‘Krishna and the Kusum Flower’ & ‘A Meditation at Sukhna Lake’ see the natural world through the lens of myth, culture & philosophy.  Each poetic composition has a related companion piece in prose designed to add resonance and as a homage to the Indian cultural milieu from which these works have taken birth.  
Written, designed & produced by the author. 

More about the Author

Chris Mooney-Singh writes across genres – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays and for the screen. He was originally trained as a journalist and has since embraced graphic design, audio and video production.  His previous collections of poetry include The Laughing Buddha Cab Company and The Bearded Chameleon.
Born in Australia and a Sikh by choice he has lived in Southeast Asia and India since 1997. He is the Artistic Director of  Word Forward Limited and Word Forward Academy. 
Dr Mooney-Singh holds a doctorate from Monash University and his verse novel was commended (unpublished fiction ms category) in the highly prestigious Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards.
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