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2021 marks the 700th death celebration of Dante Alighieri who wrote his famous work, The Divine Comedy proposing a Christian view of the cosmos. In 1995 Australian Buddhist poet Harold Stewart completed his 32 canto magnum opus Autumn Landscape Roll which presents a ‘Buddhist Divine Comedy’ with source material predating Dante by 1800 years. This eBook compares key features of the two works. Please note: this product is designed to be read on a desktop, iPad or tablet rather than a mobile phone. 

Ebook Lead Buddhist Divine Comedy

More about the Author

Chris Mooney-Singh gained his PhD (Monash University) with a doctorial thesis examining the longer poems of Harold Stewart. A teacher, scholar and poet Dr Mooney-Singh an adviser to the Harold Stewart estate and presently preparing a posthumous edition of Autumn Landscape Roll for the first time since the poet’s death in Kyoto in August 1995. He is also the Director of Word Forward Academy which offers online courses in creative writing and arts mentorship for all ages.

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