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The Bearded Chameleon Book Cover

The Bearded

India poems: an insider’s look from the villages and cities with a human focus on city and village life, Indian history and philosophy wheel responding to time and place as an adopter of Sikhism living in India.

The Laughing Buddha Cab Company Book Cover

The Laughing Buddha Cab Company

Travel is a metaphor. In these poems Mooney-Singh tells micro stories from the front seat and the back seat inside taxi and other forms of transport in Australia, Singapore and India.

The House of Winter Book Cover

The House of Winter

This is Chris Mooney-Singh’s first book exploring the ‘sonnet of 
the East’ in English. It first came
out in 1989 before the English
ghazal gained its immense
popularity in literary magazine, newspapers and online.

The Infinity Track Book Cover

The Infinity Track

As a parrot flies from its branch and back again,
Chris Mooney-Singh travels on a figure-eight journey between Australia and India with Singapore, the pivot point where he has lived since 1997. 

Voices from the Bamboo River Book Cover

Voices From the Bamboo River

In these Sungei Buloh wetland poems hear the voices of butterflies, cicadas, mud lobsters, osprey, monitor lizards, mudskippers, otters, eagles and more. This is a celebration of habitat.


The Penguin Book of Christmas Poems Book Cover

The Penguin Book of Christmas Poems

This anthology co-edited with K.F. Pearson collects world’s famous seasonal Christmas poems and places them next to lesser-known Australian ones where Christmas is a summer experience.


Running with Fire Book Cover

Running with Fire:
Group anthology

Chris Mooney-Singh appears as one of five Australian poets in the first group anthology of Roundtable Books. These are the best of his poems published in the early 1980s featuring: 

Contours Book Cover

Group anthology

The second Roundtable poets anthology. The four poets in this anthology all lived in Sydney. In this early collection Chris Mooney-Singh writes about inner city Sydney locales with lyrical verve.

A Buddhist Divine Comedy Book Cover

A Buddhist Divine Comedy

This essay of comparative literature and philosophy compares Dante Aligheri’s La Divina Comedia with Australian poet Harold Stewart’s rate Autumn Landscape Roll set in T’ang period China. It reveals how Buddha presented a view of Buddhist purgatorial hells and cosmic Pure Lands 1800 years before Dante’s keystone Christian perspective on extramural worlds completed in 1325. The eBook also has audio readings and video embedded in this beautifully conceived digital production.


Virtual Singapore, 1825 Book Cover

Virtual Singapore, 1825

Chris Mooney-Singh and his 3D modelling team recreated early Singapore circa 1825 for the film “Looking for Mr Gelam” for the Aliwal Tracks Film Fest in January 2021. It tells the story of the the colonial port founded by the British East India Company during the later years of the spice trade in South-East Asia. This short non-fictional work describes with vitually-creative images depicting the Malay enclave Kampong Gelam as it may have been.

Singapore, 1825, the Poem Book Cover

Singapore, 1825 (Poem)

This audio poem with text voices the character of a Malay fisherman and immigrant, one of the many followers of Hussein Shah, the British-installed ruler of Singapore from the early years of the British East India colony. It is told against the backdrop of Singapore, 1825, a virtual world created for the film “Looking for Mr Gelam,” by Chris Mooney-Singh and Kaylee West. The film can also be viewed insude this beautifully-designed digital book.


Indian City CD Cover

Indian City

These poems combine spoken word and song, performed with Indian classical fusion music featuring Rohit Anand – flute, Debashish Chakraborty – tablas, and Shivani on vocals. Recorded in New Delhi.


Living in the Land of the Durian Eaters CD Cover

Living in the Land of the Durian Eaters

A suite of Southeast Asian performance poems, mixing lyric urban fantasy and comedic social commentary, sci fi and mythic elements. Recording in Singapore in 2005.

The Celestial Voyage CD Cover

The Celestial Voyage

One hour of unique Sikh meditation chanting based on the Sikh mantra Ek Onkar Waheguru. This continuous chanting music is designed to put you into the alpha state. Composed and performed by Chris Mooney-Singh.