This is your creative journey.

You may be an aspiring writer, speaker, actor or artist. My aim is not to ‘teach’ but to help you recognize your original voice and how to share it with the world.

Dr Chris Mooney-Singh was the very first person to open my eyes and ears to the possibility of merging my jazz aspirations with poetry through his courses, generous mentoring and performance opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia. With Chris as a role model I have crossed unimaginable thresholds and boundaries as my journey continues living in Japan.
Michelle Chua
Michelle Chua
Poet and Singer
I am a fiction writer. However, I studied poetry with Chris as I wanted to learn some poetic techniques to improve my overall writing ability. Chris really brought the subject to life. His lessons were great fun and his enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. Most importantly, Chris provided a lot of positive encouragement when critiquing my work. Thanks to Chris, my writing is now richer and more melodic.
Sara Kelly
Sara Kelly
Writer & YouTube Creator
Chris's poetry courses really sharpened my writing skills. He helped me discover and believe in my voice. Thanks to Chris I got the courage to submit poems to online journals, which have since been accepted and published.
Meenakshi Palaniappan
Meenakshi Palaniappan
Poet and Educator

Here’s a little about who I am and what I know that can help you


Areas of Interest

I write, think, watch movies, make music and recordings. I like to cross genres into fiction, plays and song lyrics.


I began as a poet. It has taught me many basic writing lessons which reflect throughout my other genre work.


I have a background in radio writing and presentation. After the 'death of radio' hail the podcast!


Although I began with audio broadcasting, creating films and online videos has become just as important.

Online Courses

I write and I teach. Assisting others and seeing them succeed has been one of my daily pleasures.

About Chris

Writing and Creativity Coach

About Chris

Australian-born, Chris lives in Singapore  where he has been teaching creative writing to students of all ages since 2004.

Chris has a Phd in Creative Writing from Monash University in Australia. His verse novel was commended in the 2015 Victorian Premier’s Awards, (unpublished fiction ms category) one of the top literary honours in Australia. He has published several collections of poetry, fiction in several anthologies and scholarly essays internationally for 40 years. Dr Mooney-Singh writes for adults as well as children of all ages. His short plays for adults and children have been produced regularly since 2006 and recently he wrote and directed his first short blended reality film 

He and his team of mentors have taught in over 100 schools, colleges and mentored M.A. level students in the Lasalle College of the Arts Creative Writing programme. In addition he has been the creative director of Lit Up Asia (a cross arts lit festival) for nearly a decade as well as publishing many top authors and poets through his indie publishing imprint Red Wheelbarrow Books. In Singapore he has also mentored 3 top writer winners of the National Young Artist of the Year Award. 

Chris Mooney-Singh creative educator

Whether working with the very young or aspiring writers and creative artists across disciplines, my goal is to help each person unlock their innate talent and refine core skills. It gives me immense pleasure to see others find their voices and become success stories."

As well as being a full-time writer and mentor since 2003 Chris was initially trained as a journalist and radio writer and presenter. He has created many spoken word ensembles, coaching them in writing and delivering winner performances. For that reason he brought Poetry Slam in Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years hundreds if not thousands have deepened their love for writing and the arts. This has added a new flavour to the literary eco system in South-East Asia. 

These days, he has expanded his own skill set to include online video courses on a range of subjects, is developing a new YouTube channel for writers and thinkers as well as a podcast of audio scape fiction and poetry.

Chris Mooney-Singh teaching
About Chris

Writer, Teacher, performer, mentor


You can find me on multiple platforms but the ones that I’m most frequent on are YouTube and my podcast. Check me out 

Chris Mooney-Singh, performer