10 Tips for Writing a 10-Minute Play

Writing a play is telling a story in dialogue between characters on a stage in real time. It’s thrilling to see actors speak your words and unfold the plot you have created. Before writing your first words pose some questions and stimulate starting with “What would happen if…” 


This short eBook will show you how to provoke your imagination and let the play be an answer to the question or solution to the problem in ten minutes!

10 Tips for Writing a 10-minute Play Book Cover

More about the Author

Chris Mooney-Singh gained a PhD in Creative Writing and has personally mentored thousands of students – from children to adults. Australian by birth he lives in Singapore. Three of his writing mentees have won the coveted Singapore National Young Writer of the Year Award as well as the UK Troubadour Poetry Prize. He is also an independent book, founder of poetry slam in Singapore and Malaysia and a publisher for a new generation of poets in the region.

When not teaching, Dr Mooney-Singh has published several books of poetry, short fiction in international anthologies, and plays produced for children and adults. He also writes screen plays and makes short films and video tutorials to learn different genres of creative writing.

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