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You may be an aspiring writer, speaker, actor or artist. My aim is not to ‘teach’ but to help you recognize your original voice and to share it with the world.

Dr Chris Mooney-Singh

Who is Chris Mooney Singh?

My name is Chris Mooney-Singh. I am Australian-born but have lived in Asia on and off since 1989. For the past twenty years I have been a full-time arts facilitator leading a team of mentors in over 100 schools in Singapore. More recently, I have been a creative writing lecturer in Singapore's only post-graduate creative writing programme. Three of my past mentees were awarded the National Young Artist of the Year Award and some of my students have won international writing prizes. I hold a doctorate in Creative Writing from Monash University (Australia). In 2015 my verse novel was commended in the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards (unpublished fiction category).

More About Me

A writer of poetry, fiction, plays, director of spoken word events and ensembles, I have also written librettos for opera produced in Australia. In addition, I have  been a guest at literary festivals in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and the Philippines.

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Dr. Chris Mooney-Singh has played an integral part in my creative journey as a writer, performer and workshop leader. With his support, insights and encouragement, I now approach various projects and events with confidence. I am also thankful for the many opportunities he has given me over the years to challenge myself and form meaningful connections with others.
Ariana Pozzuoli
Arianna Pozzuoli
educator / author / poet / storyteller
I studied with Chris during my MA in creative writing at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He was a patient and caring teacher who would tactfully deliver insightful feedback. Thanks to his editing advice and encouragement, I managed to significantly improve and get my first poems into print.
Olivier Castaignède
Olivier Castaignède
novelist and playwright, author of Radikal
Not only is Chris a master of all things related to writing but skilled at honing individual styles. I appreciate how he also gave me the space to grow through various performance opportunities such as poetry slams and arts festivals. This has helped me become more confident in my writing and a better performer.
Anukriti Banerjee
Anukriti Banerjee
spoken word artist
Dr Chris has been very encouraging and helpful, guiding me with my poetry. I have really enjoyed his classes because he took the time to listen and assist me to express my gifts and stay focused. He has also been a great inspiration to write my first book of poems.
Mona Christabel Anne Cowan
Mona Christabel Anne Cowan
author of Rain and Rainbows


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The Bearded Chameleon Book Cover

The Bearded Chameleon

 India poems: an insider’s look from the villages and cities  with a human focus on life, history and philosophy.

The Laughing Buddha Cab Company Book Cover

The Laughing Buddha Cab Company

Poems describing taxi and train journeys in Australia, Singapore and India.

The House of Winter Book Cover

House of Winter

Chris Mooney-Singh’s first book of exploring the ‘sonnet of the East’ in English.

The Infinity Track Book Cover

The Infinity Track

As a parrot flies from its branch and back again, Chris Mooney-Singh pivots between the country of his birth, Singapore and India.


You can find me on multiple platforms but the ones that I’m most frequent on are YouTube and my podcast. Check me out 

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